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Ubuntu Touch Emulator inside a VM

I have had my eye on Ubuntu Touch as a possible Android replacement for a little while. Last night I finally sat down and tried to get the Ubuntu Touch emulator working inside a VM. I started by spinning up my Proxmox cluster and set to work provisioning a Ubuntu 17.04 Desktop VM. I haven't had a chance to check out 17.04 yet, so that was kinda neat, but after downloading the touch emulator with 

sudo apt install ubuntu-emulator
sudo ubuntu-emulator create testinstance
ubuntu-emulator run testinstance

I ran into a known bug where the emulator terminal session drops to the phones busybox session, so I delete the VM and began provisioning a Ubuntu 16.04.3 VM. I was able to get further along in the process, but still ended up with a blank screen.  After some digging I found a post referencing an issue with OpenGL, which makes sense on the Proxmox cluster, so I delete that VM, and began provisioning 16.04.3 on my desktop inside of Virtualbox. Unfortunately I ran into the same issue. At this point I think I am going to install 16.04.3 on an old laptop and see if that does the trick. I really want to try it before attempting to dual boot on my Nexus 6. I have really high hopes for Ubuntu touch to become an OSS alterntive mobile OS to Android and IOS.