Bits of Simplicity

Elite Dangerous: The Long Trek Back to Federation Space

In my free time when I am not coding away I like to play a game called Elite Dangerous. By itself it is an excellent space sim, but when paired with a Vive and flight stick it becomes a portal to another universe. I have been playing it on and off since it came out in 2014, and it took me awhile to really "get it." I think it will be fun to blog about my Elite adventures every now and then.

When last I played I had just wrapped up a community goal, but along the way I decided I wanted a shinny new federal assault ship. Inorder to be able to fly a federal assault ship you have to be a certain rank in the federation. Which I am currently not. The community goal was in empire space, so I had to make the long trek back to federation space. I decided on the Sothis system. About 36 jumps out. I outfitted my ASP Scout for long distance and begain jumping.  It didn't take me too long, and once I got in system I begain running missing right away. Hopefuly with any luck I will be able to rank up pretty fast. Most missions are right next door in the CEOS system.

Thats all for now.