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Low level computing

A few weeks back I ran accorss an intresting post on reddit about Ben Eater's YouTube channel. Ben is in the process of creating  a very well done series tutorials on building a breadboard of 8-bit computer. I have always been intrested in low level computing, but up until now haven't bothered to learn much about it. For most programmers & developers low level computing doesn't really matter, and these days use modern high level interpreted languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, and even Java. Even when using mid level languages like .NET, C# and Objective C do developers rarely care about what is happning at the Opcode level. It's an area of computing my career hasn't really taken me to, so it is pretty fascinating.

I would love to create an Altair clone based off the computer Ben Eater's breadboard design. It would be a great learning experience. A nice mix of low level hardware and low level software. I would also love to create a very basic kernel and OS from scratch. One day when I finally have some time.